iPhone Case with AirPods Carrier

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Forgetting your AirPods is a pain! Have you ever got to the gym, in an Uber, or to the airport and realized you left your AirPods at home? It's a TERRIBLE feeling! Doing those things without having music can make you want to go right back home. Music has been proven to improve workouts and make experiences such as airplanes more enjoyable. This iPhone case has a built in carrier for you AirPods so you will never forget them again. 

With a sleek design, this case protects both your iPhone and AirPods while you are on the go, and ensures you'll always have everything you need amidst a busy lifestyle. 


  • Protects cell phone from scratches, dirt, oil and reduce damage from accidental drops.
  • Built in holder for AirPods to keep them safe, protected, and with you at all times.
  • Sleek design with choice of 6 colors
  • Carry less and keep everything together. No more digging through your backpack or purse for your AirPods
  • Raised edges around the screen give another layer of protection
  • Compatible with all iPhone versions and AirPods 1 & 2

Redefine your audio experience and never forget your AirPods again.

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