Emergency High Power Portable Car Jump Starter Kit

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Winter is here! Don't get stranded with a car that won't start in the cold with no one around to help! Be prepared with an Emergency High Power Portable Car Starter Kit. 


  • PORTABLE CAR BATTERY JUMP STARTER - Compact and powerful jump starter for your car (5.8L gas and 3.0L DIesel) or motorcycle, atv, snowmobile, off-road vehicle or motorboat. With 3 options for battery capacity, it will have your dead battery running in seconds.
  • QUICKLY CHARGES CAR BATTERIES, PHONES, LAPTOPS - With the included adaptors and power cables you can charge your cell phone, tablet, kindle, notebook, laptop and a variety of other electronic devices from its high-powered USB port and dedicated laptop charging port.
  • LED FLASHLIGHT AND SOS - Conveniently built into the car battery jump starter, it can be illuminated for 120 hours per charge and has multiple modes to equip and assist in any situation.
  • DURABLE PADDED STORAGE CASE - The battery bank and accessories are stored in a protective, shock absorbing case. The convenient design of the carrying case is perfect for daily use, travel, camping and emergencies. Compact and easily fits in your trunk or backseat.
  • SAFETY AND PEACE OF MIND - Precautions built into the unit provide over-current protection and short-circuit protection. If the unit senses a short circuit it will shut off automatically to ensure safety of the user and product.

The Emergency High Power Portable Car Jump Starter Kit is a convenient all-in-one tool that is essential for any driver. Whether you need a jump for your vehicle or a charge for your electronics, this powerful Jump box pumps new life into dead batteries and keeps you safe anytime you need it.

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