Citrus Fruit Juice Sprayer

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Still troubled by squeezing the fruits with hands soiled while dressing your recipes? Here comes your good helper - Citrus Fruit Juice Sprayer, which is designed to get the juices in no need of cutting or squeezing the fruit, simply insert it into the full fruit and then with a finger pressing the nozzle, fresh juice can be evenly sprayed on the food you like. 

• It can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit and the juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer
• Simply cut the top of a lemon or a lime, then you can screw the twisted stem of the citrus sprayer into the fruit
• Get the juices do not need to cut or squeeze the fruit, simply insert it directly into the full fruit, such as orange juice, lemon, and then a finger pressing a nozzle, fresh juice can be evenly sprayed on the food you like
• Spray citrus fruit directly from fruit to dress your recipes or aromatize your soft drinks and cocktails in the freshest way

How it works

1. Cut off one end of the fruit, until about 1/2" (1.27 cm) of the fruit flesh is exposed.

2. Push the pointed, threaded base into the flesh of the fruit, turning the body of the sprayer clockwise to thread it deeper into the fruit until the collar of the sprayer is snugged up against the outer skin of the fruit, forming a seal.

3. Pump the sprayer a few times to prime it.

4. Spray fruit juice on any number of things!

If there seems to be no more juice, simply squeeze the fruit a bit more, and more juice will be released from the fruit flesh - enabling you to spray more.

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